You are currently studying, in any kind of an apprenticeship or intership? With proof of one valid document for obeing a student we can provide you with a special discount! Send the proof and any kind of identity proof to our email and we will send you the direct link to pay the discount. After receiving the money we provide you with 30 days of access to our website. Your personal data will not be saved and will be deleted immediatly after reviewing!

This payment option may not be available on a permanent basis.
*The following generally applies to our direct money transfer offers: Send us money ONLY with the payment option FRIENDS which you can choose before you send finally the amount. If you wish to send it with a different currency or with buyers protection, be advised that we have to pay always a fee. Depending on the fee we will reduce your days of access. You can avoid it if you send money correctly or with 2.50€ more to cover fees. It may take some hours to provide your access if you order from a different time zone or at night. But don’t worry, our email will reach you! – Thank you so much!