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before leaving * alejandro & tim * hot cumshots

Before we left Bogotá to travel to other cities of Colombia Tim wanted to meet this cute, young, native and horny Alejandro so bad.

birthday breakfast * julian blesh * tim blesh

Once a year, everyone has a birthday. We all get older day by day. Let’s fuck and be happy, travel, discover new countries and

colombianos calientes * cambia a la mesa * bareback daniel 

Another day in Bogotá, Colombia and we met this cute dude which we fucked first on our apartment couch and then we changed to

chico valenciano * flip flop * bareback fuck

Once Tim has been alone in Valencia for some weeks and he found few hot guys to play with him. In this clip you

colombianos calientes * first night * bogotá boy

Finally we started our South America discovering journey with Colombia. You know what we found? A lot of willing and damn hot guys which

the ride * xisco & leo * canary islands 

With Leo Bulgarix we did several movies on the Canary Islands. After a couple of months we met again and had a lot of

trip to paris * sauna fun * coloured bareback 

Before we came to Colombia we started our journey in Paris and spent some days in the famous “City of Love”. We also visited

barrancos islas canarias * hike day * 4some

On the Canary Islands you can do many things beside cruising in the dunes or being naked on the beach. You also can start

julian, benni, tim * the visit * george lincoln

Still on Canary Islands we visited George Lincoln from the UK in a hotel in Maspalomas during the Gay Pride days. Julian and Benni

windy dunes maspalomas * benni schulte * julian blesh

In vacation with Benni Schulte can always be fun. We have been on the gay beach in Maspalomas as a spanish couple came closer


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